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Support us

Support us

Funding for the Down Syndrome Association of Greece is provided through the subscriptions of its members, by events organized by the Association, and also through friends and supporters who provide donations and sponsorships.

These funds cover the operating costs and salaries of the staff, but are mainly used to support the Association's educational programmes, which are absolutely vital in order to develop the skills and well-being of its members.

a) Stand by me - make a donation

You cal also support the educational programmes of the Association by making a donation at Piraeus Bank, Account no. 5220-002835-426.


Eurobank: 0026.0148.61.0200319319, IBAN: GR5302601480000610200319319


Please do not forget to fax or e-mail us the deposit slip, with your full details (full name, address, postal code).


b) Stand by me - become a volunteer

Do you have free time, like to help out, want to gain new experiences, have ideas and a creative attitude? Would you like to meet and engage with persons with Down Syndrome? You can also help us with organizing various events or in fund-raising. Your knowledge of the sectors in which you are involved or any professional experience couls also be of value to the Association.


Please fill in the Volunteer's form and come round to meet us!


PS. Any voluntary services are provided in accordance with the needs of the Association.


c) Stand by me - Support us in your own special way

Do you have an idea that can help the Association? Could you organize an event, a concert or something totally different? Please contact us to share your idea!


d) Stand by me - Ppractice Social Corporate Responsibility

In recent years, more and more companies in Greece and abroad have taken the desicion to adopt and incorporate a range of activities in their strategic planning in order to raise social awareness, show an interest in enviromental protection issues, promote the rights of vulnerable population groups and more, instead of continuing with the limited practice of one-off donations and sponsorships.

By incorporating the ducational and creative employment activities of Down Syndrome Association Greece in your social corporate responsibility portfolio, you will be able to support the rights of children & adults with Down Syndrome to education, vocational training and social inclusion.

In this way, you will significantly strengthen the efforts being made in order to ensure the access of persons with Down Syndrome to more educational programmes of a higher quality, and to a better, more independent way of life! Thank you!

Our mission is to develop actions related to specialised training and organised activities for persons with Down's Syndrome, in order to create a supportive learning environment and provide a recreation program for our beneficiaries.

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